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Umami Mobile — Making Tezos Social

01 Déc 2022

TL;DR: Umami Mobile takes your wallet on-the-go, helps you keep track of contacts, and brings new life to NFTs.

After two years of building an advanced desktop wallet, Umami goes mobile.

Umami Mobile complements the desktop version and follows the same philosophy of constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to adopting new standards and integrating useful, innovative features.

We have set out to not just make your wallet portable, but to make it social — integrating social Tezos features and facilitating real-life interactions.

Your accounts on-the-go

If you already run Umami Desktop, you’ll probably want to use some of the same accounts when away from your computer. Normally, a mobile app will create a new set of accounts and addresses for you, unless you input your seed phrase, which is cumbersome and rarely recommended.

Umami Mobile can be quickly and easily synchronized with the desktop app using a QR code. Generate the QR code in the Umami Desktop application, scan it with the mobile app, type in the password used, and voilà: your accounts, balances, and NFTs are mobile.

Integrates Tezos social profiles


Umami Mobile includes an address book for your contacts and brings seamless integration with Tezos Domains and Tezos Profiles.

Tezos Domains are easy to remember aliases that you can register for addresses, so you can send to justanexample.tez instead of tz1bSsw6cQAMYkFdHfVuBk3qvL5mESxX53nv, as an example. Tezos Profiles can supply on-chain avatars, i.e. profile pictures, for addresses, that make it easy to quickly recognize a specific address.

When you search for a user or receive a transaction, Umami automatically pulls information from these two services, if available.

Brings life to NFTs

This is where blockchain truly meets the real world. Holding an NFT is one thing, but actually using it for something is another thing. And how to do this quickly and easily when out and about? We have you covered. Umami Mobile lets you quickly demonstrate ownership of a given NFT, turning any NFT into an easily verifiable access or membership token.

Imagine tickets to a conference being issued as NFTs. The security guard at the door has an iPad running Umami and asks you to present your NFT ticket. You open Umami on your phone, select the relevant NFT, and click “Certify”. A QR code comes up, the security guard scans your QR code, sees a green check mark on his iPad, and you’re in.

It doesn’t have to be an NFT created for the occasion. It can be whatever the organizers choose to it be, including an entire collection of NFTs. Imagine an art event where access is limited to holders of the artist’s NFTs.

The possible applications for Umami Mobile, and especially the NFT certification feature, are numerous. We look forward to seeing how Tezos community members will put it to creative use.

Stay tuned: further socially-oriented features will come as Umami Mobile evolves.