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Sword launches Tezos Digisign

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25 Sep 2020

An open source solution to digitaly sign, store and verify documents on the Tezos blockchain

Today, Sword Group, an international leader in technological and digital transformation for businesses, announced Tezos DigiSign, an open source tool built on the Tezos blockchain that enables users to digitally sign, certify, and verify the authenticity of digital documents. 

The Tezos DigiSign solution leverages blockchain technology to solve security issues associated with digital document management solutions while maintaining low costs. While most digital document management solutions suffer from security defects that can lead to document alterations or falsifications, the DigiSign solution uses blockchain-based digital signatures to guarantee authenticity and eliminate opportunities for tampering. Users of DigiSign will be able to register their documents on the Tezos blockchain, creating a permanent digital signature that enables them to easily identify any alterations or falsifications made to the documents. 

DigiSign provides a number of key advantages compared to traditional document digital signature and certification solutions. It enables drastic cost reductions by lowering the unit cost of signing a document, improves security due to public verification and auditing, does not need to be shared with or verified by a third party, can be applied to any document format, and has guaranteed security on the Tezos blockchain for at least 10 years. This combina2on of factors makes DigiSign more cost-effective, secure, flexible, and durable than leading alternative solutions. 

With Tezos DigiSign, Sword is now able to propose a larger scope of services to its clients, and in particular for its Business Units dedicated to Electronic Content Management (ECM) and Intellectual Property where needs for document origin certification are high. The solution is already in production with a client, and currently being integrated with several market ECM software packages. 

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Tezos DigiSign will be publicly available for any organization that faces a complex IT environment, and is designed to be easily implemented with a high level of security and confidentiality. You will find information on the solution and its usage, an email address for all your questions, as well the entirety of the source code on the below web GitLab site. 

Alain Broustail, Director of Sword Blockchain, said

We are proud to launch the Tezos DigiSign solution, which will extend the security and cost-saving capabilities of blockchain technology for document management and verification to businesses around the world. We can’t wait to see how this free, open source solution transforms the way that public and private en66es store, sign, and verify essential documents.” 

Michel Mauny, President of Nomadic Labs, commented

Tezos DigiSign is a concrete solution to IT needs for both public and private sector organizations. We are confident that the security and cost-effectiveness provided by this Tezos-based solution will make it a massive success, and a catalyst for the much-needed digital transforma6on of document storage and verification.”