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Subtrack launches a new NFT platform for underground music lovers

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28 Oct 2021

Today, Subtrack, a community platform built for securely collecting music in rare collector packages, announced it is dropping their first non-fungible token (NFT) with Groovence records. Founded 6 years ago between Paris and Toulouse, the  French music label company searches for emerging musical talents and has already made 5 releases among 15 artists with more than 30 events.

The first digital track available on the platform is an exclusive collaboration from Groovence records artists composed of the electronic duo Moonee and Tour Maubourg and will go live today on subtrack.fr. With "Deep in My Mind" these two young talents pay tribute to French sampled house music with a stunning track that carries you back to the early 20’s like a time machine. The collectible NFT includes the track, a ticket for their next show, and a signed vinyl. There are five NFT copies available to purchase by auction through subtrack.fr. The entirety of the winning bid will go to the artists.

Co-founded by two french electronic music lovers, Louis-Maxime Dhellemmes and Tom Bonin, Subtrack aims to solve the problem of remuneration for underground artists by helping them offer unique and engaging experiences with their fans.

Subtrack allows electronic artists and labels to create and distribute limited collector's editions of their tracks, providing them with new, sustainable revenue streams. With Subtrack, artists can quickly and easily press a digital record as NFT on the platform, deciding directly on the value of their art in a secure way. By building on the Tezos blockchain, Subtrack can guarantee the originality and authenticity of the packs collected on the platform, lock their content safely until a collector buys it, and ensure instantly, automatically and permanently the transactions & artist royalties. When a collector owns an NFT, they unlock exclusive bonuses related to the track and can dive deep into his artist’s musical world.

Learn more about exclusive collectibles that will be added regularly on Subtrack by visiting https://www.subtrack.fr/. 

 Louis-Maxime Dhellemmes, DJ and co-founder of Subtrack

"After months of exchanges with artists, labels and electro fans, we created the Subtrack project-- a new way to engage fans by allowing artists and labels to take back control of their creative value."

Thibaut Chessé, Adoption Manager France at Nomadic Labs

"We are excited to see the launch of this new NFT platform dedicated to the electronic music community. Through NFT, Subtrack is creating a new way to connect music lovers and underground artists while using sustainable technology."