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Oxiwiz becomes Corporate Baker on Tezos

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15 Mai 2023

Oxiwiz, the Web 2 and Web 3 website creation agency, is strengthening its involvement in the Tezos ecosystem by becoming a Corporate Baker. This new position will allow this Web3 ecosystem player to participate in the development of the Tezos blockchain and, in the long term, to deploy its own rollup node.

Since 2012, the French agency Oxiwiz has been developing high value-added websites such as e-commerce and complex marketplaces (services, products, B2B, B2C, C2C). Oxiwiz assists startups and large companies with innovative Web2 projects with a focus on Web3 functionalities. This enthusiasm for these new technologies has enabled Oxiwiz to develop its expertise in Web3 through several initiatives and use cases: the launch of a website dedicated to the development of their Web3 services called agence-blockchain.io, the development of smart contract certification projects, and involvement in the ecosystem with the organisation of the Web3 Innovation event, the first edition of which is taking place this month in Lyon.


By becoming a Corporate Baker, Oxiwiz has chosen to strengthen its involvement in the governance of Tezos and the evolution of the protocol, and is also the guarantor of the network's security and auditability. Tezos has undergone thirteen upgrades and the last one, Mumbai, brought several technological evolutions including the possibility for users to freely deploy their own Smart Rollup, a Layer 2 solution. Smart Rollup technology also allows the Tezos blockchain to increase its overall processing power and exceed the symbolic threshold of one million transactions per second.





Sébastien RAYNOIRD-THAL, CEO of Oxiwiz

“For more than ten years, Oxiwiz has been committed to supporting companies of all sizes in their digital transformation. Alongside our clients, the agency has constantly evolved to remain at the forefront of innovation and has thus naturally moved from Web2 to Web3. Becoming a Corporate Baker is an opportunity for us to become more deeply rooted in this ecosystem, to strengthen our strategic expertise and to be able to rely on Tezos, a reliable blockchain with a high-performance protocol.”

Cédric Roche, Adoption Manager France of  Nomadic Labs

We are delighted to see Oxiwiz evolve on Tezos as a Corporate Baker. The support provided by Oxiwiz in the development of Web3 sites and functionalities allows us to promote the potential of blockchain technology to startups and large companies, with an influence both in France and internationally