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Open Tezos Launching

Press Releases
19 Oct 2021

OCTO Technology, a consulting firm specializing in digital transformation, announced the launch of Open Tezos, a learning platform to explore the technical and economic concepts behind the Tezos blockchain. Built with the technical support of Nomadic Labs, one of the largest research and development centers within the Tezos ecosystem, Open Tezos is designed to be an entirely open-source, scalable and collaborative digital learning platform, with users invited to submit modifications.

Tezos is one of the first and longest running Proof-of-Stake blockchains. The network activity on Tezos has grown 1,200 percent this year due in part to its energy-efficient design and ease of use. Tezos has verified and tested smart contracts that can handle the complexities that builders demand.

So far, Tezos has undergone seven network upgrades to reduce gas fees, improve token standards, increase transaction speed, and more. Upgrades on Tezos are made possible by on-chain governance where continuous improvements are proposed, adopted, and deployed without forks. 

Open Tezos

An evolutive learning platform reviewed by Nomadic Labs

Nomadic Labs' teams were integrated into the creation process of this platform to ensure the technical correctness of the content. The objective of this platform is to create a unique and demanding corpus with the user experience in mind to allow everyone to discover the Tezos blockchain in the best conditions.


Open Tezos is composed of 14 modules, 780 pages of documentation and offers the possibility for learners to understand, experiment and start building on Tezos.

In addition, OpenTezos aims to be a constantly evolving platform that welcomes all readers' inputs, using the GitHub platform. An evolutive tool where the Tezos ecosystem can easily add content in order to provide Tezos education to the next level.

Frank Hillard, Blockchain Consultant at OCTO Technology, said

"Open Tezos allows anytime, anywhere, any developer to learn everything they need to know about Tezos, from blockchain basics and smart contract implementation,  to how to deploy a node or even start building a dapp."

Hadrien Zerah, Managing Director at Nomadic Labs, commented

"Open Tezos reflects Nomadic Lab’s commitment to transmit our knowledge of Tezos bringing the best Tezos platform learning experience to our ecosystem and with the highest standards of accessibility."