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onepoint confirms its involvement in the Tezos ecosystem and becomes « Corporate Baker »

Press Releases
27 Mar 2023

onepoint, a consulting firm specializing in the digital transformation of organizations becomes Corporate Baker on Tezos. Tezos is a public Open Source blockchain project with French roots created by Arthur and Kathleen Breitman. Tezos enables the exchange of value and the creation of decentralized applications. onepoint's primary role as Baker will be to create, validate and secure blocks on the blockchain. The consulting firm also strengthens its involvement in the governance and evolution of the Tezos protocol, having voting rights proportional to tez (Tezos tokens).

Involved in the blockchain ecosystem since 2017 and particularly in foodtech and finance, onepoint has notably accompanied in their development players such as IZNES, LiquidShare and Société Générale-Forge. Committed to better education on Blockchain technology, onepoint experts host numerous conferences alongside their clients and partners (Carrefour, Engie TEO, La Maison du Bitcoin or SolarCoin).




By becoming a Corporate Baker, onepoint guarantees the security and verifiability of the Tezos network, which will announce the activation of its thirteenth upgrade in March: Mumbai. This update will be the first of 2023 on Tezos and will bring a number of major improvements such as Smart Rollups, which will be instrumental in scaling up to several thousand transactions per second. 




Vincent Rémon, Cybersecurity & Blockchain Leader at onepoint

“Joining the Tezos ecosystem as a Corporate Baker was an obvious choice for us and the result of several years of hard work by the teams. Very early on, we were seduced by the powerful protocol of this blockchain and its innovative governance model.”

Hadrien Zerah, President of Nomadic Labs

It is with great enthusiasm that we welcome onepoint as a Corporate Baker, which will be able to continue its exploration of Web3-related issues and the Tezos ecosystem. For several years, onepoint has played a major role in the digital transformation of organizations and the adoption of blockchain technology. Their unique insight and experience will be a great asset to the community.