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Myloby surpasses 100,000 transactions on Tezos

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25 Nov 2021

SaaS platform Myloby, a unique solution based on Tezos to secure and improve the management of keys, has successfully reached 100,000 transactions. Launched in 2021, more than 5,000 objects have been registered on the platform with 7,000 active users.

The Paris-based startup Myloby, is a platform that manages the transfer of object responsibilities, from a place to a person, between two people directly or from a person to a place. Myloby supports real estate agencies, real estate promoters like Nexity or Sergic, and even co-owned Syndicate in all stages of the management process of keys by offering a secure and simple tailor-made solution to suit their business needs.

With the help of Maille’Immo, the first French cluster of technological and social innovations in real estate, Myloby aims to co-develop the future of real estate and will continue to propose innovative services like connected boxes.

The platform is based on Tezos blockchain technology so it can  track, secure, and provide more transparency on exchanges and on the resulting liability transfers.  Tezos is  a pioneer of Proof-of-Stake – a self-amendable, energy-efficient, open-source blockchain platform. Myloby manages the transfer of responsibility by engraving transactions on Tezos.

Virginie Duvey, representative of Nexity agence Etienne Marcel, commented

"Keys are a true headache, it's the hell of the real estate agent; you never know who takes them, you never know who gives them back, you never know where they are and they are never there when you need them. Since we have been using Myloby, we have not lost a keychain and it has saved us so much time. We know exactly where our keys are at all times and have access to the movement history when needed.”

Timothée Maucour, co-founder of Myloby, explained

“The use of blockchain technology is logical to have a reliable solution to track all object transfers around the world in real time. We are happy to have chosen Tezos, which guarantees the security of the data or certifies and authenticates these transfers through smart contracts. With our experience in the real estate sector, we want to offer a universal solution adapted to each sector of activity.”


Thibaut Chessé, Responsible for Adoption France at Nomadic Labs, added

"We are thrilled to see the Myloby solution evolve and successfully surpass 100,000 transactions on its platform. Thanks to Tezos blockchain, MyLoby is reinventing the secure transfer of object responsibilities while using sustainable technology."