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Write university-level pedagogical content, in the area of software development




Write university-level pedagogical content, in the area of software development

About Nomadic Labs

Nomadic Labs is one of the largest research and development centers within the Tezos ecosystem. This Paris-based company brings together more than 70 people, the majority of whom are engineering researchers working to develop and enhance the Tezos protocol.

Nomadic Labs has three main focuses : (1) building an OCaml version of the Tezos blockchain; (2) ensuring adoption of the Tezos technology; as well as (3) helping companies and institutions use the Tezos blockchain for their business needs by providing technical support in France, Luxembourg and Belgium.

Tezos is a smart currency that redefines the meaning of holding and exchanging assets in a digital, connected world. Scalable and proven, the Tezos blockchain transparently adopts tomorrow’s innovations without disrupting today’s network.


Nomadic Labs is looking for a new collaborator who will be in charge of improving and creating pedagogical content.

The topic of the content is software development on the Tezos blockchain. Expertise in the field of blockchains is not required, but would be a plus.

The main goal is to offer a complete, interactive and fun training platform to our learners, so that they get familiar with the Tezos Universe in the best way.


Your Missions:

  • Contribute new content to opentezos.com and improve existing content.
  • Design interactive exercises to create an engaging learning experience.
  • Collect technical information from various sources, including technical experts, and make it easy to understand.
  • Simplify the learning of smart contract programming languages.
  • Create content on other Tezos-related topics such as the different components of a dApp (backend, frontend, wallet integration, …).
  • Work closely with our educational project manager, who has experience creating innovative content and tools that reach millions of students as the president of france-ioi.org.
  • Interact with and learn from the best Tezos blockchain experts.

Your profile:

  • Strong computer science background.
  • Experience in teaching and creating learning content at university level.
  • Good English writing skills.
  • Interested in using innovative approaches.
  • Some experience with blockchain technology is a plus.

The work can be done remotely, or from our office in Paris. This can be a full-time or part time position, depending on your availability and preferences

To conclude, if what drives you is creating great educational content, do not hesitate to join us: careers@nomadic-labs.com



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