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Engineering Manager




Engineering Manager

Help to evolve the Tezos blockchain. Work with the leading engineering group safeguarding the trustworthiness of Tezos upgrades. 


About Nomadic Labs

The Tezos blockchain is a decentralized ledger that redefines the meaning of holding and exchanging assets in a digital, connected world. Its key value proposition is to be self-amendable: contrary to other blockchains, it can evolve continuously with no need for so-called “blockchain forks” that endanger the user assets.

Nomadic Labs is one of the largest research and development centers within the Tezos ecosystem. This Paris-based company brings together more than 60 people, the majority of whom are highly-skilled software engineers (25+ PhDs) contributing to the Tezos engineering roadmap.

Nomadic Labs prioritizes three key areas: (1) maintaining the Tezos blockchain’s position as a technological leader in the blockchain industry through deep expertise in functional programming (OCaml, Rust), formal methods, cryptography, and decentralized systems; (2) driving the adoption of Tezos technology; and (3) assisting companies and institutions in France, Luxembourg, Belgium, and Germany to leverage the Tezos blockchain for their business requirements by offering dedicated technical support.


Job description

As an Engineering Manager, you will assume complete responsibility for managing a software engineering team, delivering product features, and achieving the team’s mission. Your role demands being an inspirational leader who fosters continuous growth, high performance, and a culture of ownership. You must possess a deep understanding of designing, developing, and delivering innovative and safety-critical software amidst high uncertainties. With your experience, you recognize the critical role of teamwork, coaching, and proficient project management. This position is suited for someone who excels in a rapidly changing, fast-growing, and competitive environment. applied mathematical content is required.



  • Support and lead a high-performing team
  • Develop a positive work environment based on accountability and impact
  • Set ambitious yet attainable goals, and motivate the team to achieve them
  • Plan and coordinate projects in the team that align with product roadmaps and organizational priorities
  • Advocate for the team’s technical interests and needs
  • Support performance management process to recognise high performance and support those who are struggling
  • Work with recruiting staff to expand the team, including sourcing and interviewing candidates and onboarding new employees
  • Communicate with a primarily English-speaking community and with a primarily French-speaking development team.
  • Coordinate well in projects happening across organisational boundaries.

Your profile

You have previous strong experience in Engineering Management and are willing to work with talented engineers. You have a significant track record as a senior software engineer and very good knowledge of software engineering best practices. In addition, you understand what a critical distributed software system is. Prior knowledge of blockchain technology is appreciated but not strictly required.


You have an excellent capacity for written and oral expression in English and can adapt your discourse to a large variety of discussion partners.


You know how to adapt to a changing environment and are recognized for your interpersonal qualities and communication skills. 


To conclude

If you are motivated by a fast-growing, promising and innovative business sector, you are autonomous, rigorous and responsive, you welcome challenges and seek to further your career in a worldwide project, join our teams now! Send an email to careers@nomadic-labs.com !


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